A Week at Joy

Last week we were away at Joy Bible Camp for Boys' Camp.  It was a beautiful week.  Mark counselled, so I got to come along with the girls for a little vacation.  Here are some pictures to share from our week away.

First of all, these girls are getting more and more difficult to photograph.

 A highlight of the week was hanging out with my friend Deb.  Her husband is the Joy director and they live on sight, so we get to spend time together every time we're up there.  This week, we got busy making skirts from old ties she had found at a yard sale.

I think meal time was the girls' favourite.  I've had quite a time this week getting them back on normal food.  I think they really like Linda's cooking.

Yes, that's pizza they're eating.

This is Mason, Deb's daughter.  And this is a picture of our three beautiful girls all wearing their tie skirts, just before we left to go to Peterborough for the day.

The girls fell asleep on the long ride into Peterborough.

Of course we stopped at the Silver Bean for coffee.  My sister-in-law, Andrea (who owns it) gave us all decadant drinks to enjoy on the patio while the girls played, and all the ladies there stopped to 'ooohh' and 'ahhh' over their skirts.  I think at that point Mason started to regret wearing such a fun skirt.

Every week comes with new discoveries; this week was the belly button!

We had so much fun at the beach.

There were so many other young moms there with their babies.  The girls had an absolute blast.

And their swimsuits are just to die for...

Here's the actual camp and all the campers...

And a massive sunday in an eaves trough for the cabin with the most verses memorized....

Mark and his cabin.  He's been complaining of sore shoulders this week, and I'm not sure why...

I think there's a few boys hidden in that lump.

The camp asked me to upholster some chairs, so we got started this week.  I did 5 - but there are 17 in total to be done.



The fabric we chose is very 'campy' and super durable.  I suppose these next weeks of kids' camp will be the true test to see how they hold up.

Here's how it matches with the rest of the lounge decor:

Well, that was our week away.  Back to normal life.  Mark found this armoire on the side of the road the night we got home.

And while we were busy unpacking, Hannah discovered a chocolate bar in the diaper bag.  Whoops!

Next week we are away for the week at a cottage with ALL of the Vanderherberg's.  It is going to be an absolute blast, and we can hardly wait!!!

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