Master Bedroom Barnboard Sign

I had this idea to start creating custom reclaimed wood signs.  I started with perfect a sign for our own master bedroom.  Here is the final result.

 I used pallet wood for the sign.  Simply removed the nails, sanded it down, and nailed it together.

My friend Sarah is a graphic designer, and was able to create the exact vision I had for my sign.

It is about 4' wide, and 2.5' tall.  Perfect for hanging above the bed.

Now I feel I must give you a small tour of the rest of our bedroom.  Our bedroom is very simple.  Some may envision my house to be all nicely decorated, with awesome pieces of painted furniture and clever decor.  While I love making a space beautiful, I also just wanted a space that was cozy and free of stuff.

Our room is not always this tidy, but it's clean.  And it's cozy.

A quick breakdown of my decorating expenses:

Curtains: Ikea as-is - $9.99
Poster Bed: Garage sale - $5
Night Tables: Side-of-the-road - free
Lamps: Side-of-the-road - free (with new $5 shades)
Chair: came with our old couches
Duvet and pillows: Christmas present from Mom
Tallboy: Kijiji - $50

And that's our master suite.  All for under $100.

Our tallboy was one of the first projects I ever did.

On Mark's night table is a bowl to collect all the small objects from his pockets, and a picture of me when we were dating.

On my night table is our stereo for music, our books and a basket of vitamins to take before bed.  There is no other technology in our room.

Our bed is our girls' favourite place to be.  If they are ever in a bad mood, we let them play up on there for a while, and they are happy-as-can-be!

If you would like to order a custom sign, contact me via e-mail:  I am starting to sell them at the price of $100, as I need a few for my portfolio for my etsy shop.


  1. Great makeover! For under $100 is practically unheard of. Thanks for sharing! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!