A French Provincial Distressed Buffet

 Last night Mark picked this lovely piece up for me.  I wasted no time getting started on it.  I painted it last night, and finished it this morning.


This piece was pretty simple, and lacked the ornate detail I so enjoy in antique pieces.  So I knew I had to create interest and texture with the finish.

I painted it in Renfrew Blue, with a little bit of white mixed in.  The I took a palm sander and heavily distressed it.  Finally, I waxed it up and buffed away.

I'm incredibly happy with the result.  I think it turned out really stunning.

The roses up top are from my garden :)

I love the simplicity of the lines.  So elegant.

My babes are still napping.  Maybe I can get another piece painted before they wake up.  Here's to wishing!

Yesterday I thought I'd try to clean my fridge during their wake time.  That was a joke.  They love exploring the fridge.  I was constantly dragging them away from the open door.  Finally I just gave up.

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