All in a week's work.

 This week was full of one thing: hard work.  Next week we are going to a cottage with my family for a week, which I am SO looking forward to.  It will be nice to relax and just get away from home and the business and the busyness of life.

This piece I got from a person who lives quite near me who I sold a piece to a while back.  She now refinishes furniture as well, but didn't have the time for this lovely piece.

I took the panels out of the cupboards, and replaced them with glass.

The doors can also come off so it would be perfect to put some baskets in there.

The detail on this piece is gorgeous.  I really love it.

Then I got a buffet and hutch from a couple in Smithville.  I landed up telling them about my business and what I do, and to my surprise they weren't angry that I was going to paint their pieces.  

This is my FAVOURITE milk paint colour.  It's stunning.

I guilded the hardware in silver.

And finally, a cottage chic green hutch.

This piece came from a store called "Furniture Galore" on Parkdale North.  I sent Mark to pick it up, because it sounded a little sketch.  Good thing too - he said the owners were so high they could hardly think straight. 

Oh well, doesn't matter to me - it's a pretty piece!

I used Upper Canada milk paint by Homestead House, and lightened it with some Sturbridge White.  It's a lovely country cottage colour.

It's nice and small, so it won't overwhelm a space.

Well everyone, I hope you have a fantastic week.  We are off to the cottage tomorrow, and I need to start packing.  When we travel with little ones, we have to pack up half our house.  I was suppose to take today to do all the laundry, cooking and packing, but I so wanted to get this green hutch done.  So now I'm behind.  But that's okay... it was worth it :)

Found those cute rompers at the Caledonia Garage sale for $1!

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  1. Wow I love the little green hutch. Super cute! Have a great time at the cottage with your family. Looking forward to the VanDerHerberg cottage week.