Happy Anniversary

hi i am Jen's husband Mark. this is my first blog post ever. i will warn you i am not a writer on Friday June 21th Jen and i will be celabarting our fifth wedding anniversary. 


On Febraury 12th 2007 i took Jen to the freeway cafe for our very first date. I was very taken by her she had had a very common up bringing to my self from strong families and hard working people what really got my attention though was she was a pretty dutch girl. she was beautiful and i was falling hard and fast for her. We got engaged on december 26 2007 which was a night i will never forget.. The anticipation the knots in my stomach and finally the one word out her mouth YES.
   Five years ago this Friday we got married. The image of my bride walking down the aisle will forever be ingrained in my memory. She was absolutely stunning. Jen we have shared good times and bad we have seen the country bought houses, had kids And started a business. You are still the love of my life and will be forever 
happy anniversary

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  1. Awww Mark so sweet. You are a blogger now, officially. Love your big sister, Laura