Light Grey Buffet & Hutch

 This piece is quite a bit different from any other antique pieces I've done.  I believe the style is referred to as a "Duncan" style.  It is a classic piece, more or less, not so much shabby chic.

The before....

And after.

This piece is in really spectacular condition, for an antique.

I used the silver guilding wax on the pulls.

Tonight I drove all the way out to Smithville to pick up two more pieces.  Halfway there, I discovered I forgot the cash, and my debit card.  So I had to drive all the way back home to pick them up.  I was pretty frustrated.  But, when I got home, Mark had good news for me: he had sold the Gaspe Buffet.  So that made my spirits lighter.

It's the same Paris Gray Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, with the white wash on top.  The interior is painted Popcorn White, by Martha Stewart.

Last week we went shopping for new shoes for the girls.  Here is Hannah giving Grandma a 'thumbs up' on her new shoes.

Next week we're going to a cottage with my family, which we are so excited about.  It's made this week very busy, but totally worth it.

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  1. Nice job on the hutch and congrats on selling the gaspe one. I just love seeing pictures of the girls. I cant wait to see them and you too. Love ya!