A New Week for some New Projects

Yesterday morning I awoke to what may have been the most beautiful summer day we have ever had.  After a long heat wave, a crazy thunder storm came and broke through, leaving us with sunny, cooler weather.

Sunday we go to church.  Mark and I have been attending a really awesome church called New Hope, which is very near our house.  They run a bike co-op, and the whole church is very community-based, and everyone walks or rides their bikes to church, which I think is so fun.  The people there have been so welcoming, and we have quickly felt right at home.

However, yesterday when I woke up, I felt discouraged.  I have a garage full of finished furniture, and I'm limited in finishing more pieces until I have the space.  I said a quick prayer, asking God that I might sell some pieces this week.

We went to church, came home, I went on facebook and the first thing I see was this poster that says, "If you ask, expect it to happen".  So often I ask things of God, but don't expect things to happen.  That morning at church we talked about Grace.  Grace is, getting what you do not deserve.  Despite my lack of faith, God showers his Grace on me, again and again. 

Then the phone rang.  I got a text.  And an e-mail.  By the end of the day, we had sold 4 pieces.  Hannah's middle name is Grace.  We are so undeserving.  No matter what you believe, God hears your prayers.  Don't believe it?  Try it!

So, on to my latest project.  Last week I picked up this piece from a lady in Stoney Creek.  It's an antique bonnet dresser.  I love it.  Just love it.

I painted it in Algonquin, then decided I really wanted to achieve that Pottery Barn white-wash look on it.

I've read about the 'dry brush technique', but have never attempted it.  This is how it's done:

1.  Paint the piece in a darker colour.
2.  With a lighter colour (I used Champlain), dip your dry brush in - just the tip of the bristles.  Literally, only 1 mm of paint should be on the tip.

3.  Wipe the paint off onto a rag.
4.  With hardly any paint on the brush, rub your brush onto the piece.

I did this last week, in the 40 degree weather.  Folks, it was HOT!  This is how much I sweat:

5.  Finally, repeat the process with a white paint.
6.  Sand it, and
7.  Finish it with your finish of choice (I used ASCP clear wax).

And there's your bohemian-style dresser.

We're going to be redoing our master bedroom one of these days, and I'm secretly hoping this piece doesn't sell so that I can use it for the makeover.

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