Bonnet Dresser

Friends, I picked up this lovely find tonight, and I'm desperately lacking the inspiration for it.  I feel like I'd like to do typography again, but I'm not sure this is just the right piece for it.  I need your help.  How should I refinish it?


I will leave you with some Pinterest images to start feeling inspired, starting with the renowned Miss Mustard Seed...

A vintage typography advertisement...

 I found this print which I LOVE... I'd love to put it on a piece, but I think I'll start with making a pallet sign out of it first.

Isn't it fun?

I'll leave you with the image of the unfinished dresser once again, and you can tell me your opinion.  :)


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  1. Hey Jen. What about doing ombre but in stains. Darker stain at the bottom and lighter toward the top. I think I have seen something like that on Pinterest. I will send it to you. I usually like them painted but the wood of this one is really nice.