My Shop

Tonight was the night we finished our shop space.  This has been a work in progress for some time.  Lately, when I've had people come by to take a look at a piece, they exclaim, "oooh!  You have a whole shop set up here!"  This encouraged me to go ahead and finish it.


Of course, I have to remind you what the garage looked like before.

Just like any other ol' garage.  Here's our garage now:

Originally, I had painted the floors.  They didn't turn out as I had envisioned - mostly because they got dusty, and you can't wash concrete floors.  So today I price shopped around for linoleum flooring, and landed up purchasing a sheet from Lowe's. 

Mark's working hard to re-install the sliding door, while I concentrate on details, such as windexing my mirror.

I'm in love with the teal wall.  Are you surprised?  

It feels like a true interior space in there now.  Mark even found a piece of baseboard and ran it along the wall for me.  Now I just need a few more decor items.... pillows, typewriters, crates, old books....


  1. Hi, your pieces are absolutely lovely! I have to ask if you have an efficient way of lettering your signs! I am wanting to make signs with various scriptures and so far have had success with carbon transfers and an overhead projector. My problem is filling them in. This takes me forever and I have a difficult time making it look nice. Is there a certain paint brush or paint that you use for the lettering? Right now I'm using homemade chalk paint and a small paintbrush for this. I have some lovely ornate fonts that I want to use (which would be heck to trace and fill in) but I'm afraid Ill end up with carpal tunnel and a permanent crick in my neck by the time I'm done. Any suggestions would be appreciated :) ~Serena