The Cottage Chic Buffet

 Though I'd share a piece I just finished.  I got this buffet as part of a set, and I just love the delicate detail on it.  It's smaller than the standard 5 foot antique buffet, which would make it perfect for a smaller house.

The colour I used was Upper Canada, mixed with some Coal Black.

 I used wax for the finish, and the top is like glass.

It's really a cottage-chic-style piece.

I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out.  I didn't bother staging it - I thought it could hold its' own.

Now for the other pieces I re-finished from the same set...

An antique sofa table

That pulls out to the size of a dining table.  Isn't that so cool?

I sanded down the top and refinished it in a dark walnut stain, and painted the bottom white.

And a lovely loyalist hutch.

This is the first hutch I've ever seen that comes apart in 2 pieces.

Love the details. 

Today I took the girls for their 1-year-old shots, which isn't always so fun, but it was a good excuse to take the day off, run some errands, and get some house work done.

Here they are, on their first birthday, with my Dad.  I know their tu-tu's were utterly ridiculous, but completely adorable.

This kid loves cake!

It's been a long day.  It ended with Hannah pooping on the carpet.  Yes.  Right on the carpet.  So now, it's time for the latest episode of The Bachelorette, and a glass of wine.


  1. Love the picture of Hannah with the plate on her head. I really like the Loyalist hutch. Good job.

  2. My favourite so far! Love the new waxed finish you're doing...

  3. Lol, your girls' stories are so funny, Jen! And once again, I love the pieces you pick, you have a wonderful eye!