Vintage Bicycle Buffet

As you may have figured out, my new favourite blog is The Graphics Fairy.  She has so many beautiful vintage inspired graphics that you can download (for free!) and use on your projects.  The girls at Staples have become very familiar with the blog as well, from helping me download and print off the images.

To kick start this week, I refinished this lovely piece.  I got it from a couple in Burlington last Friday night.  The night of the storm.  On my way there, my trusty minivan got a flat.  I pulled over in front of Spencer Smith Park, with no idea how to change a tire.  I know there's a God in heaven, because he sent a very kind couple who helped me change the tire.  They were taking a walk (in the storm?!).  Fifteen minutes later, I was back on the road.

After a few sales on the weekend, I had all this wonderful space in my garage, begging to be filled with beautiful pieces once again.

As soon as I saw this piece, I knew there had to be an image in the square space in the front. 

Milk Painted Buffet - Loyalist

The colour is two parts Champlain mixed with one part Loyalist milk paint.  Then distressed, sanded smooth, and finished with ASCP clear wax.

The Graphics Fairy Vintage Bicycle

The weather has been perfectly gorgeous this week.  I am very happy to plug in an audio book, and paint away.  And go roller blading, biking, and walking with my favourite people.

 Life is beautiful.

The Graphics Fairy


  1. That has to be my favourite piece!! Love the bicycle!


  2. Gorgeous! The bicycle is the pièce de résistance. Did you just transfer the graphic with carbon paper and leave as is, or did you pen or paint it on after the transfer?
    You MUST continue to feature a shot of your oh-so-adorable daughters in each post. They make a day brighter each time I see them.


    1. Hi Laurie! I used the same varsol method to transfer the bicycle as I did with this piece: My girls brighten my every day, too :)