A Kitchen in a Weekend

This weekend's project was a kitchen in one of our rental properties.  We took the girls to my Mom's on Thursday night, and started at 7 am Friday morning.  This is the before picture.

And just once more so you can see the horrific detail of this awful kitchen.

Super small, very disfunctional - and dare I mention the water lines were so old the water came out yellow?  I'm embarrassed that we rented it out in such a state.  But, it was our very first rental unit, and we have since learned to update the kitchens before renting out.

Mark wasted no time ripping it down.  At 9 am, we found ourselves at Lowes - the kitchen completely demolished and cleaned up.  My husband is a tank.  He wastes no time getting things done!

Go Mark go!
(Don't worry - I helped him the whole time)

We ran into a slight delay when we discovered the cabinets were 3" wider than the wall.  We couldn't change the cabinets, since they were the smallest size Ikea had.  So, we tore the wall out to the studs, so the cabinets actually side in behind the plaster.  It worked.

And here is the finished, Ikea Gnosjo kitchen.  Very simple, very clean, and may I say pretty sexy.

And FAR more functional!

We also replaced the window, and installed laundry upstairs.  So there was quite a bit of running new water lines, plumbing, and electrical work to do.  I was so proud of Mark for having the know-how to do it all.  What 26-year-old guy knows how to do all that stuff?!

The pictures aren't great, and they were taken before all the details were done.  But you get the idea :)

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  1. I think this looks great! Is that the Aluminum Affect laminate and the Bastig handles?