Running a Creative Business - Making Logical Decisions

 Running your own business can be emotional.  You start making money and you want to jump forward in your success.   You get so excited, you make hasty decisions that just don't make sense.  

It's easy to do.  I've done it.  The problem is, when I do, I usually lose out.  I moved too fast too quickly, and I wasn't prepared.

I've played around with opening a store - as that seems to be the next logical move for my business.  I've had numerous offers from people wanting to go into business with me.  Why don't I do it?  Financially, it doesn't make sense.  

On my kijiji ads, I have on average 250 hits per ad in about a week. Those are people looking specifically for a green, antique, milk painted buffet.  The internet is a way to have a free store.  For the amount I sell, it wouldn't be worth it for me to open a store.  Not to mention the time and stress devoted to having one!

But how do I take my business to the next level without losing out?  I had an idea.  We have a fantastic garage.  Currently, it stores Mark's tools, and my furniture.  I thought, what if we were to divide the garage into two rooms - a tool room for Mark in the back, and a store-type display area for my furniture out front?

Our current garage
Mark loved the idea.  We decided to rent a second garage space for $100 a month, where we can store the unfinished furniture, as well as our seasonal items that just take up space.  We got to work this week, creating the second room and planning out the finishings.

The wall Mark built
My plan is to find some skids and have the wall as a feature wall.  Then we'll paint the floors, and hang up some cement board on the other walls.  Mark can get all the lumber and drywall for free at work.  Perks to having a construction worker for a husband!

I'd love to hang a chandelier in the space, and paint is all bright and white.  Then we can display the pieces along the perimeter, and decorated them with our auction finds, bunting, string lights, old ladders, etc.

Here is a little inspiration:

So for $100 a month, a little hard work, creative thinking and freebie finds, I can get my store.

This is just the cutest thing in the world, and I had to share before I sign off.  Yesterday I took my girls grocery shopping.  It probably took an hour to get the groceries, because of the amount of "oh-they're-so-cute" conversations I had.  They are the delight of my life!

Speaking of which, they are awake from their nap.  Until next time!

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  1. I love this idea. You are working with what you have and making it awesome. Caroline and Hannah are adorable, I hope I can see them again soon. Love ya !