Painting My Garage Floor

This week's goal is to get my garage finished.  I didn't know what to do with the floors, so I decided to just paint them.  I didn't really want to spend money on flooring that would probably ruin with all the traffic and moisture that happens in a garage.


I searched online for inspiration, and found the above photo from  Her hardware floors were in terrible condition, so she painted them.  I thought they looked so fun.  So I found the stencil online, and simple printed it off.

I traced it onto a large sheet of card stock, and cut out all the white.  Then, using a high enamel floor paint, I did the first coat on my floor.

Then I took my shoes off because I was leaving some pretty hefty footprints!

I had to do one half at a time, since the weather called for rain, and I didn't want all my furniture outside.  I mixed the floor paint with a little bit of white from the wallsI started in the corner.

Simply matched the pattern up, and, using my sponge roller, painted away.

When Mark got home from work, he asked, "did you use a plumb line?"  to which I sheepishly said, "no..."  But look how straight it is still!

The stencil got super soggy, and I had to let it dry out and harden in the sun after every row.  Next time, I would just stop being so cheap and go to Michaels and buy a proper stencil. 

It took me two days, but late last evening, I was all done.  It's coming together!

Now we just have to finish that wall, hang a door, and it'll be all ready for decorating.  I can hardly wait!


  1. It looks great! I should do this in my family room, except I'd be afraid the cat would walk on it while it's still wet, lol!

    Just wanted to let you know that I did find a partner to open a store with. It will be on Ottawa street and we are planning to open on May 3rd, in time for the Food Truck event. Hope you stop by, as we will be selling Miss Mustard Seed paint as well as other colours from Homestead House!


    1. Oh my gosh! You have no idea how happy I am that you're opening on Ottawa street. So you got convinced that Hamilton is pretty great after all, eh? :):)

      I will definitely be by on Friday! I can't wait to see your store. I wish you all the greatest success!

      And I'm sure you already know that I'll be your #1 milk paint customer :D No more driving all the way out to Waterdown! Woo hoo! I can literally walk to your store from my house!

      Well I'm sure you must be busy this week. I'm really looking forward to Friday now!

  2. That looks fantastic :) I'm so excited to be settling into a home soon so I can start decorating!

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  4. it just came out so lovely! we recently put some epoxy floor coatings in our garage and it really had been an amazing experience

  5. Great job in painting your garage floor, Jen! It wasn't an easy task considering that it took you almost 3 days to finish. But still, you were able to finish it exceptionally well! By the way, how is it now? Remember to check with trusted sellers for materials to help maintain your garage floor.

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