Armoire Reveal

A while ago, I asked for some opinions on what colour I should paint my beautiful armoire.  I received some fantastic suggestions - but the majority of the comments leaned towards greys and blues.  Well, last week I finished this beast.

And here she is!

I removed the panels in the doors and replaced them with glass I had custom cut.  I then added shelves, and painted the interior white.

Everything about this armoire is awesome.  The detail, the size, the functionality, the presence.  

Fortunate for me (but unfortunate for anyone reading this who might want to buy it), I sold it within a day of having it posted online.  It was definitely the most money I've ever put into one piece, but it had the biggest return.  Mark then gave me full reigns to scrounge around for any other armoires I may want to buy!

I don't have many other pictures to share this week, but I do have this quick snapshot.  This week I was pretty busy trying to wade through some projects in the garage, so, as it goes, my babies, husband and house was a little neglected.  At one point, Caroline had peed through her clothes, crawled through her goober, then rolled in the milk paint dust from a piece I was working on.  At that point I was like, "okay kiddo!"  took her upstairs, striped her down, and put her in the tub.  It was pretty bad!

Last night we got new bicycles from the New Hope Bike Co-op here in the east end.  The guys there were super friendly, and we were able to get two pretty decent bikes for just over $200.  They made sure they were in good working order - they had a ton of new parts, and I felt pretty sure they weren't going to sell me a crappy bike.  I took mine for a spin last night, and I just love bicycling.  Hamilton is actually a super bike-friendly city as well.  Now just to find a trailer for the girls!

Last week my sister-in-law Laura featured me on her blog.  She made me feel like a veteran, super-star blogger.  You can read the post here.

Love ya, Laura!

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  1. Thanks for the love Jen. I am sending it right back at ya:) Great job on the armoire! As I was saying you are doing a great job of staging your pieces. Keep up the great work!