A slow-going project, but going nonetheless!

So as I mentioned in my last post, I am transforming our garage into a shop space.  We moved out all the unfinished pieces into a rented garage space, and are working to transforming the front half of our garage.  It's not done, but this is the progress so far.

I decided to just paint the cinder blocks, rather than drywalling them first.  Mostly because I wanted to keep the cost down.  I got a bucket of Kilz primer for $55, and to my surprise, cinder block is especially hard to paint.  The surface is very bumpy and full of holes, so it needs to be done by hand, one block at a time.  I am ALMOST done!

Mark put up a wall and drywalled it with some board he found at his job site.

Then, two nights ago, I picked up this awesome chandelier off Kijiji for $100.  I almost chickened out on it, thinking I was spending way to much on lighting for a garage, and I could find a less expensive option.  But now that it's up, I'm so glad I didn't cheap out.  It adds the perfect amount of glam to the space!

So on Tuesday night, Mark and I were hit hard with food poisoning.  When I say hard, I mean really hard.  We barfed for 12 hours straight.  It was the most wretched 12 hours of my life!  So, I didn't get too much accomplished this week, as it put us out for 2 days.  My stomach still feels like it's in a knot.  So, you get to see pictures of my happy, healthy kids instead of more projects.

Was the weather not perfect outside today?  We sure enjoyed it.  This pictures tickles me pink.  What is going on with my kids face?  Here's a closer look:

Like, "Hello Mom, would you just let me play here, or are you going to be taking my photograph all day long?!"

Next weekend we are renovating a kitchen in our rental property.  So while I was planning the kitchen out at Ikea, Mark was watching the girls.  He put them in this double display sink - and I think all of Ikea was watching :)

This is a picture of the kitchen we're renovating.  Need I say it's due for an update?

My Mom likes putting them in her sink, too.  She watched them for a day this week while we puked our guts out.  Have I said before I'm thankful for my Mom?!

And this is when I turned around from doing dishes today.  Don't they call this "getting underfoot"?  I think they missed me after being at Grandmas. 

And cuddled up together after a long day.

Sorry this post wasn't very project related.  I do hope you understand.  Hopefully by the weekend I'll be back on my feet with a paint brush in hand :)

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  1. I think my favorite thing about twins is watching them sleeping together... what a precious armful they are!