Gatineau Hutch

One of the fun things about being a retailer for milk paint is experimenting with the different colours.  Gatineau was a colour I've never tried before, but I'm so thankful I gave it a whirl.  It may make an appearance more often.

This beautiful hutch was in pretty good condition before, so I was hesitating to paint it.  I finally mustard up the courage, and went for the green.

Gatineau is the perfect green.  It's not too bright, not too dull - it's just a perfect shade of shabby chic.

You can buy this milk paint here, on my etsy page.

I adore the authenticity of milk paint.  The different coloration, the distressing, the chipping... everything.  Gorgeous.

For this piece, because the finish was pretty shiny, I used bonding agent to control the chippiness.  I don't often use it, but I was very happy with the result.  I only had to mix about 1/4 cup into the first coat, then after that, I applied the subsequent coats without it.  It is much easier then sanding the entire piece down before you start.  You can purchase bonding agent here.

The finish I used is hemp oil.  It gives a beautiful, natural satin sheen.  Hemp oil takes at least a month to cure.  But once it does, it provides a gorgeous, enameled surface that is easy to clean and crazy durable.

There's not much more to do on a cold and snowy Saturday than to write a blog post.  Yesterday Mark and I went to an auction in Freelton and put in about 20 absentee bids on pieces.  I'm very excited to find out which pieces I got! 

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