Retro Waterfall Dresser

 The other night Mark and I went to an auction.  Auctions use to be awesome.  I was able to score such good deals.  This night, I came home with one lousy dresser.  Just one.  The furniture was going for way too much!  I was wondering why, when a guy leaned over and said, "Wouldn't that piece look great with some chalk paint on it?"  Turns out there's a crowd of store owners who have discovered auctions.  Boo.

Well, I thought this piece was fun.  The woodwork on the front is pretty cool.

I painted it with some Van Gough chalk paint, and the white was my own chalk paint concoction.  

Word gets around that I repurpose old things.  The other day I acquired an old antique sled that a friend wants me to repurpose into a coffee table.  It's coated with green paint.  Lots of fun.  I think it will be quite beautiful when it's done.

I took many pictures of it to remind myself of how it gets all put back together.  I had all the nuts and bolts separated and labelled.  One day this week, I was out for the morning, and I came back to find ALL the nuts and bolts missing.  Totally gone.  Trying not to panic, I went into a frantic search.  Nothing.  This morning as I was bundling up the girls to go outside, I found them.  Inside a boot.  Ah, my little helpers.

(Don't worry Brad, I took tons of photos so I know how it goes back together!)

 They are such good eaters.  I never have to encourage them to eat.  Sometimes, by the end of the day, their little bellies are hard and they walk around with them sticking out.  

Caroline has formed an incredible attachment to her lovey's.  Now she needs her blankie AND her sock monkey to fall asleep.  Oh me.

And on a last note, I had to share this photo.  You can rent (or buy) these at the New Hope Bike Co-op.  (  Me wants one. 

  Until next time...

Paint hard,

Drink wine,
Love life.

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  1. I love all of your beautiful pieces! If you have any contacts in NW Iowa, there are SO many pieces of furniture at auctions that go for pennies! My mom had purchased a shed-full; it's time to pass the torch on! :)