Soldier Blue Buffet

 My husband is still laid-off, which has given me complete project freedom.  I do so love working on projects.  He loves helping me with them.  For each piece, I have the vision on my mind, and we worked together until it all comes together.

The other night, I went out to Brantford to pick up two pieces.  This was one of them.  It came from this lovely older couple who lived in a mansion and were trying to downsize.  This buffet had been in the family for decades.  So naturally, I told them I would love it always, and didn't mention I was going to paint it.

I have to show off the finish Mark did on the top.  He sanded it down on Thursday (in the - 25 weather).  It came out absolutely perfect.

You can purchase Soldier Blue Milk Paint here.

 I shared this video on my facebook page this week.  My little girls copy everything I do.  I'm in big trouble.  They go around the house attacking furniture and walls with pencils and screwdrivers.  I need summer to come so I can take it all back outside!

 Mark built two shelves in the garage out of a leftover barn beam we had for our kitchen reno.  We're using them to display all our milk paint.

Well, the hubs just brought in another hutch.  Better get painting!
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