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 I knew January would be a busy year.  After we were done our kitchen, I got right back to work with furniture.  This was the first piece of the new year.  I scored this massive piece off Kijiji, for just $50.  These big pieces are more work, but they can be found for a song.

The detail on this piece is really quite lovely.  It's a lot of work to paint, sand, and wax, but it is really fun.

The detail on the top is really quite fun.  Even though these retro pieces are all melamine, they have some beautiful detail to them. 

I painted the interior white.  The shelves are all glass.  Wouldn't it be a lovely piece to display some ironstone in?

I'll never tire of making something so old and unwanted into a beautiful keepsake.

Behind these cupboards are two cutlery drawers, which was a fun surprise.

As you can see, I'm painting inside the house these days.  Last week, with the -30 something weather, there was no way I'm painting in the garage!  Not only because I'm a wimp, but because the paint doesn't go on as nicely, and neither does the wax.  It's best to paint at room temperature, let it cure for a day or so, then bring it back out to the garage.

Mark is still laid off this week, so he is playing "Mr. Mom".  It's quite entertaining to watch someone else do my day.  I feel large amounts of self-satisfaction when the girls give him a hard time and he looks at me at his wits' end.  :)

He took them tobogganing.  It was the shortest outing ever.  Caroline hated it.  She sat in the snow and cried.  The whole time.

Hannah, on the other hand, shrieked and squealed as Mark took her down the hill.
 Next time I think he'll leave Caroline at home with me.
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  1. Fun their personalities are beginning to be more apparent