White Corner Hutch

A little while ago, I did a white corner hutch that I landed up keeping.  I found this little corner hutch, and decided to refinish it in a similar style.

As I write, Mark is doing the dishes belting out "Living on a Prayer".  Driving me nuts.

The paint I used was some leftover flat white paint I had from the kitchen renovation.  I mixed 1 cup with 1 tablespoon tile grout, to make my own chalk paint.

The interior of this piece is a light teal colour.

A lovely project on a lovely winter day.

Mark is still playing Mr. Dad.  He doesn't like it when I call him "Mr. Mom" because it's not what he's doing.  He'll never replace 'Mom'.  But look at the outfits my kids are walking around in these days!

 I guess it all matches!

  photo Signature1_zpsbcc8806f.png

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