White Typography Dresser

I love French typography.  I would do it on every piece, if I had the time.  The other day Mark and I placed some absentee bids at an auction in Flamborough.  To our great delight, the morning of the auction a great snow storm hit.  We got a ton of pieces for a song.  They are all in the garage, calling out to me, begging to be finished.


 I love simple white pieces.  This dresser has a lot of character, in the bowed front and the adorable legs. 

Anyways, not too much more to say about it.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

 The French advertisement on the front is for a watch band factory.

And of course a quick photo for the fans.  These two LOVE their raw veggies.  They gobble them up.  Especially with hummus.  They are such good eaters.  They take after me in more ways than one!  :D

 photo Signature1_zpsbcc8806f.png

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